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Since its inception in 2001 the MIND Lab has been engaged in solving practical problems using current Computer Science knowledge when appropriate and developing new technologies as required. Fujitsu Limited established its east coast research lab next to the MIND Lab and became a founding partner when the lab was established. Since then the MIND Lab has collaborated with multiple small, medium, and large companies on a variety of problems.

Research and development work at the MIND Lab have resulted in the graduation of 19 PhDs, 4 patents and numerous publications. The indoor location technique, Horus, developed in 2004 is considered a landmark work in this area.

The MIND Lab continues to engage in close collaboration with companies in the framework of the Hub and push the state of the art in several areas while involving graduate, undergraduate, and high school students in the research and development.


Professor Ashok Agrawala's 50th anniversary at UMD

On May 13, the CS department celebrated Professor Agrawala's 50th anniversary at UMD! See here for more details.

TIBCO Modathon Winners!

MindLab Student Team win Second Place in TIBCO Modathon! Click here to see the Tweet and Click here for the video demo!

Additional Project Opportunities

ExploreDigits and MindLab start a collaborative research program.

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