Location and Contact Tracing

wireless signals
proximity pairs
If we know where people have been around campus, we can develop very accurate contact tracing models based on both their indoor and outdoor locations

In collaboration with the School of Public Health’s C.A.T.C.H the Virus Study under the Prometheus project funded by DARPA and BARDA to study how influenza is spread in a natural setting, on this campus. This study was completed in summer 2020 (see StopCOVID project). Over 550 subjects of this study carry a mobile app we developed to track their indoor (multi-story buildings down to room level accuracy) and outdoor location anywhere on this campus, using WiFi & GPS. We have collected over 6.4 million location data points. 150 subjects from this study were also wearing Spire tags to track their breathing patterns, from which we are working on detecting coughs, sneezes and much more (see Breathing Analysis project)!


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